Disclaimer for all our websites  
There are many smart things for free on the WWW. Others arn't
All the stuf on my privite wegpages is for private use. For me myselves, my doughters and nearest relatives only. No responsabilyty can be taken for the use by others.

There are many things for free on the internet. But some authors claim their copyrights. This is not always stated on the sites where their products are found. Sometimes good products are copied from site to site and eventually offered for free by someone else who does not own the copyrights. It is in no way my intention to break the rules of the copyright. We also are not in the material position to sell rights. So be so kindly and always when you meet something burdened with your lawfully rights on one of my pages, please send me a mail and I will change the content op my page as soon as possible.

copyright G.Poortinga, foundation NIMM 2000

It is also obvious that I can not take any responsability for the use of my websides by others, cause it is technicaly not possible to controll them.

When you se failures on my pages, gramatically or in webdesign you also can mail me and I am greatfull. (First correct this tekst for instance)